“Big Jim” Myerson was a man with passion, integrity, and most of all charisma. He had a love for fine wines and spirits, which lead him on quest to create Blue Ice Vodka. Made from the highest quality crops that America offers, Blue Ice didn’t have to go far for the ultimate crop region. The dream began in Idaho, both Myerson’s home state and potato capital of the world. There, an abundance of natural ingredients, specifically Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes, are present eventually leading to the creation of Blue Ice.

Blue Ice Vodka potatoes come from the richest growing potato region in North America. Elevated altitudes, hot days and cold nights, and light volcanic soil generate top of the line potatoes with superb taste and character. 60 percent of the vodka is made with water that comes from the Teton Mountains, one of the last few remaining water sources in America. The water collects in the Snake River Aquifer, where it naturally strains through hundreds of feet of porous volcanic rock before it reaches the 200-foot aquifer. With a subtle taste and unparalleled smoothness, Blue Ice Vodka goes down effortlessly and clean!

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