Have you ever encountered the problem, where your delicious cocktail gets ruined and watered down by regular ice cubes? The drink becomes tasteless and all the effort of creating the beautiful cocktail goes to waste!  Herb and Lou’s Infused Cubes will change that. Sometimes you don’t have time to create the perfect cocktail and need to do some preparation for the big party coming up. Herb and Lou’s Infused Cubes can help you!

These ice cubes contain all the essential ingredients to curate an amazing cocktail. All you have to do is add the preferred liquor or seltzer and out comes a perfectly mixed cocktail! They come in three great flavors. Perfect for Vodka and Tequila, The Clyde contains a peach cosmopolitan with Benedictine inspired herbs and artisanal bitters. The Cecile is also imagined for tequila and vodka with flavors of watermelon, cucumber margarita with clover honey and thyme. The Cooper is made for stylish bourbon with blood orange and spicy ginger old fashion.