There’s a reason Gin and Tonics are one of the most popular drinks in history. They are simple, delicious, and pretty much every bar tender in the world knows how to make one. With 3 ingredients or less this timeless classic is successful for its simplicity. And while it’s important to have fresh lime, and tonic with good carbonation, what really matters in a recipe like this, is the Gin. So instead of letting the bar tender reach down and pour you a glass of your old bottom shelf standby, why not elevate your G&T to the next level with a gin that is truly exceptional; Gin Eva.

The creators behind Gin Eva, Eva and Stefan, fell in love with Mediterranean flavors and their mission became to capture those flavors inside of a bottle of gin. Produced in Mallorca using a combination of locally sourced juniper berries, harvested from the sand dunes of one of Mallorca’s most beautiful beaches and citrus fruit (skin and pulp). These flavors are artfully layered with specially selected herbs like coriander and angelica. In each sip Gin Eva elicits strong flavors of orange and lemon, balanced with earthy notes from the juniper and a dash of eastern spice. A true portrait of bright flavors from this Mediterranean island.

From your first sip, you’ll notice a complex palate with distinct character achieved from its small batch lineage. It is creamy, smooth and refreshing, with the juniper present till the end. Gin Eva’s distillers made sure that every ingredient counts, distilled with passion, love, and a commitment to quality. So, next time you order a G&T, aim high, and savor the flavors of the Mediterranean.

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