Are you looking to join a wine club that best matches your taste, need, and budget? Then, you have landed here correctly. In this article, I am going to discuss the ultimate guide for beginners:

Why Do You Need To Join a Wine Club?

There are a lot of reasons! Whether you are looking to taste a vintage wine or a new wine, the clubs are always there to meet your expectations and enhance your experience. Normally, both of that depends on the type of wine club you sign up for a membership. Hence, it is important to prior check online a list of the best wine club subscription servicesto help you with your decision. The membership period differs for each club. Additionally, it incorporates the total number of wine bottles you want to ship after every month or week. Some wine clubs even ship quarterly. When you sign up for a wine club, you get to enjoy the below-mentioned benefits:

  • It offers you exclusive pricing on the best wines
  • It provides free home delivery
  • It offers free tickets to different wine tasting events

If you are a regular wine drinker, then joining a wine club can be worth your efforts, time, and money.

Close-Up Photography of Wine Glasses

The Expected Cost of Membership

The range of prices are not the same for all the wine club memberships. Some clubs charge around $50 per month, and some charge more than a typical mortgage plan. So it is sensible on your end if you look for a membership plan that is within your budget. If you attempt to break down the total cost of membership, consider the below-mentioned components:

  • It incorporates minimum monthly plan
  • It includes the shipping charges
  • It intakes the introductory fees
  • And, the per-bottle price of the wine

I won’t be wrong here to mention that the total price of membership is not the only thing you need to consider while shortlisting the wine clubs and doing the cost-benefit analysis.

Quality of Wine

When you are thinking of joining a wine club, do not just consider the quantity (no. of wine bottles you get against specified cost), but also take into consideration the wine quality. A poorly tasting wine is not worth your cost and time. Some wine clubs try to hide the quality behind their brand names. So do your proper research before signing up for any such membership. You may be getting bulk wine that is dressed up and marked up at cheaper rates, but trust me, that is not worth your taste. Explore where the wine is made, contact the wine club, discuss your queries with the club manager, and inquire about a list of the wines that were delivered out in the last three orders. After conducting an in-depth analysis on your end, shortlist a wine club that best suits your desired wine quality.