Forty years ago, the first wine from Grgich Hills Estate hit the market and since then they’ve made a name for themselves in a big way. When the doors first opened at Grgich Hills Estate they had a concept that seemed both modern and radical: focus on sustainability. Four decades later they still follow that creed. Their wines are made without artificial fertilizers or pesticides and they utilize classic wild yeast fermentation techniques and have the classic winemaker’s passion for the finely handcrafted drink. This newest release not only stays true to the original mission of the vineyard from forty years ago but it also showcases the advancements in technique since the founding of the winery. Using old techniques such as the sur lies technique (allowing sediment to settle to enhance flavor, smell, and color stability) and the Oxoline system (spinning the barrels to reduce oxidation) as well as new farming techniques like dry-farming and their certified organic practices, Grgich Hills Estate crafts a crisp, refined Chardonnay that feels timeless.