If you keep up with the latest health and fitness trends, you’ve probably heard of words like “bulletproof” or “paleo” being applied to coffee.

These terms have been used to describe a beverage created by mixing butter, coffee and oil. Counterintuitive to everything you’ve ever learned about butter, this beverage has been touted as the key to prolonged energy and sharper focus.

It’s not my cup of, well, coffee, but many people claim to enjoy the taste and the energy boost from this butter coffee. Its popularity has paved the way for Grass Fed Coffee, a business producing buttered coffee in a can for those who want to enjoy this beverage on-the-go.

The Grass Fed Coffee can combines cold brew coffee, grass fed butter, MCT oil—a manufactured oil that claims to be energy enhancing—and organic chicory. The Kickstarter-funded business raised a little more than $86,000 from 1,116 backers. So people want this.