Editor's Rating


Spirit: Grand Hops Amaro
ABV: 40 (80% Proof)
Ingredients: 100% organic whole cone hops and pellets of Bravo, Citra and Simcoe, cane sugar
Score: 91 Points

I always appreciate when distilleries go out of their way to create something a little bit different and that is definitely the case with the Grand Hops Amaro. Created from the same hops that go into California’s award-winning IPA’s, you can expect a plethora of incredibly bright citrus and orange rind notes to shine through on the nose. There’s also an abundant spiciness, reminiscent of dry spices and dried hops that create multiple levels of rich flavor. It’s the citrus notes that really bring out the pinch in this great Amaro, making it perfect for cocktails that sit on either the sweet or sour side of the equation to balance things out.