Since 1551, Codorníu has been producing impressive and expertly crafted wine in the hills of Spain. In 1872, Josep Raventós produced the first bottles of Spanish sparkling wine, known as cava, following a traditional method. Over 100 years later, Anna, the vineyard’s first sparkling Chardonnay, was introduced in 1984.

Anna Blanc de Blancs is made of 70% chardonnay grapes and is aged for 15 months, making it one of Codorníu’s brightest and most brilliant white wines. The initial taste is full, with citrus and tropical notes that open up more complex, slightly wheaty notes. Like all quality Chardonnays, Anna Blanc de Blancs is a rich yellow color and has a buttery finish that pairs well with grilled seafood and fresh fruits. Enter Anna’s World with Codorníu wines.

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