Both delicately and elegantly balanced and infused, Botanic Gin (premium or ulterapremium) gains its fame from the combination of a specially chosen and wide variety of more than ten 100% natural botanicals. Botanic Gin is crafted in the Langley Distillery located in Birmingham. Founded in 1920 and sited over an ancient natural water source, the distillery focuses on its production of top-notch gins with the help of their hundred year old stills. Next in the process, the gin is formulated in the winery to gain some personality with the addition of the botanicals originating from Spain. The stand out botanical being Buddha’s Hand—a variety of citrus with fruits segmented in sections such that they look like fingers with thick skin, a small quantity of acidic pulp, and no juice or seeds leaving the fruit very fragrant with a mild taste. Accompanying Buddha’s Hand are a slew of other citrus fruits, thyme, coriander, cinnamon, peppermint, chamomile, aniseed, almond, cardamom, and mango. Premium Botanic Gin is distilled three times left with a light and dry scent with predominant notes of the juniper berries, almond shells, and Buddha’s Hand. Ultrapremium Botanic Gin is distilled four times with a slightly more intense and delicate scent with immediate notice of the citrus notes accompanied by spicy and earthy tones. Both offer the same botanicals in a slightly different way; which do you prefer?


Premium £35.95

Ultra Premium £38.95


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