British spirits industry writer Jim Murray, who literally wrote the Bible on whisky (Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible) describes the successful Sauternes-finishing of Glenmorangie Nectar d’Or in the following enthusiastic terms:
“Great to see French casks that actually complement a whisky-so rare! An exercise in outrageously good sweet-dry balancing.”

Nectar d’Or  is the bottle you’ll want to reach for after dinner time and time again after tasting the results of this “outrageously good” exercise. Another crowning achievement in innovative cask-finishing from Glenmorangie, this non chill-filtered Highlands single malt attains its distinctive and succulent honeycomb, apricot, toasted almond, and lemon zest flavor profile from a two year maturation process in French Sauternes wine barrels—some of the most highly coveted dessert wines in the world.

The sweetness of honey, peaches and apricots imparted by the Sauternes wine barrels interplays with the walnut, oak, and subtle malt of the whisky itself, creating an intriguing combination of flavors that could complement a dessert course or substitute as the dessert itself. Hold the crème brûlée, this Scotch has the richest of the decadent, creamy, buttery attributes we associate with our favorite desserts—all  poured neat in a little glass, no baking or cleanup required.

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