With the summer sun appearing over London, and blossom in the trees, thoughts may turn from the darker spirits of winter to the bright flavours of springtime. But wait just a second as the new premium range of Park cognacs from celebrated Distillerie Tessendier & Fils has just reached these shores and their light citrus and blossom notes may just be enough to tide you over until Pimm’s season.

In the hands of brothers Lilian and Jérôme this distillery, the largest producer in the region, produces up to 20 million litres of Cognac a year from a scenic spot in the heart of the Borderies region.

Their premium range of Park Cognacs, recently awarded ‘Best of Category 2016’ by the American Distilling Institute, has just been launched in the UK and is the result of the meticulous approach that sees the brothers blend up to three hundred eaux-de-vie a year.

Park VS

Sharp menthol and fruit notes redolent of early spring give way to richer flavours of apricot and grape and a sweet autumnal finish with hints of orange zest.

Park Borderies

A fuller blend with a spicier aroma, featuring cinnamon and cloves before moving to a creamier finish with a dash of citrus and violet.

Park Cigar Blend

A longer and more aggressive cognac with a rich spiced flavour. The slight smoked edge of tobacco plays with the rich spice and gingerbread of a pre-Christmas baking session.

Park XO

More subtle than the Cigar Blend, this ties the more classic XO profile of apricot and plum to the floral notes of lilac and almond before giving way to caramel and chocolate towards the finish.