To celebrate the Whisky Lounge’s 10th birthday, this year’s London Whisky Weekender will be a celebration that stands out among its predecessors. You can sip on whisky that is sourced from not only the U.K. but also countries with whisky as unique as India, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan. In total, over a hundred different whiskies will be featured. To really add an element of surprise, invest in some dram tokens for a chance to taste some of the more exclusive, more mysterious whiskies.

Not only can you sample these wonderful whiskies, you can take some master classes and learn how to make your own! The Whisky Lounge is well known for their workshops, and since it’s the 10th anniversary, they’re looking to step it up. From sessions about blending to making cocktails, the classes will expand your mind and senses as a whisky drinker.

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