Crazy people make history and regular people don’t. There have probably been times when you come across something and it doesn’t make sense or it seems strange to you. So you label it as weird and move on with your life. However, sometimes, the odd ideas are the best ones. For Keyetta it all comes from dreams. Her creative process comes from visions, which help her come up with delicious, unique cocktails that bring joy to her customers.

In that same manner she created a cocktail called When a Gentleman meets a Lady. Of course, Gentleman Jack plays a key role but the drink was visually made to be ladylike. Keyetta finds that it is very interesting to make a brown spirit look bright and pretty and life is all about challenges when you’re a creator. In the case of this cocktail, she decided to go with a Classic Sour. By using egg whites and the vibrant and bright color of a blood orange, she was able to turn this regular drink into a soft pink and frothy delectable. Garnished with a blood orange slice, each of which looks different, gives When a Gentleman meets a Lady a very cool look.

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