Sam Linter and James Oag-Cooper founded Foxhole Spirits to find a sustainable solution for utilizing the by-products of winemaking. The flavors they create are reminiscent to the English Countryside. Named after the vineyards where the grapes that their product is derived from were grown, these spirits utilize botanicals such as juniper, coriander, licorice root, and lemon zest. The company focuses are reducing the waste produced by the Sussex grape harvest. The leftover grape juice is extracted, fermented and distilled, resulting in a delicate, aromatic product. No two batches are the same, so collect a bottle from each season’s harvest for a delightful but reliably delicious surprise.

After selling out all 960 bottles of the premiere of Foxhole Gin, Foxhole Spirits has been steadily increasing production due to demand and is now working on batch 4, selling through independent and online retailers, as well as being served at select bars and restaurants. This gin is sustainably made using the by-products of wine-making, so it has a dominant fruity characteristic from the grape spirit. The founders of Foxhole Gin work directly with the winemakers that they partner with to ensure that every bottle sports an unaltered flavor balance.