Huckleberry jam, huckleberry pie, huckleberry syrup, and Huckleberry Finn can’t compare to Wild Roots Huckleberry Vodka. Wild Roots prides themselves in naturally infused vodka instead of the artificial vodkas full of added sugar. Located in the Northwest of the United States, the healthy and natural soil, clean water, and abundance of vibrant fruits, especially berries inspired Wild Roots to create such high quality infused vodkas.

The new huckleberry vodka uses the best real huckleberries that are usually found in the high elevations of mountain areas. And no more sugar coating, this vodka has no added sugar for the emphasis of real fruity fresh flavor! The blend of tart and sweet huckleberries create the outstanding combination that enhances the excellent vodka. Perfect for uniquely handcrafted cocktails, this huckleberry vodka is just one of the many different all natural and down-to-earth vodkas produced by Wild Roots.

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