Located on the Shetland Isles, Shetland Reel distillery is focused on quality. Their blend of Scottish and Norwegian culture makes them a distinct and coveted brand. Their distillery, only accessible by ferry, is also a luxury resort. A small distillery such as theirs leads to a focus on quality and substance.

In honor of the local Shetland Viking fire festival, Shetland Reel is producing a limited edition “Up Helly Aa” 2018 gin. This festive gin has been aged in a cask that previously held sherry, and then another that previously held whiskey, creating a swirl of flavors. This gin has a hint of sweetness from the outset, and then eases you into a softly spicy and herby palate. It’s balanced off with a hint of citrus and strawberry jam. It is 57% ABV and is packaged so beautifully you will surely think it came from Valhalla!

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