Brewing alcohol has been around as long as people have been able to make it, and don’t let the common ingredients of today fool you, the sheer variety of what you can find is staggering. Here’s just a small sample of things you never thought you could see as a drink in your hand.

Dandelion – Maple River Winery Dandelion Wine
Maple River Winery Dandelion drink me

These common, yellow flowers are seen by many as little more than a weed. At the Maple River winery however, they see more, a delicious white wine. With one hundred flowers in half a bottle this is a difficult wine to find but makes for a rare and excellent experience.

Cost: $13.99

Oranges – The Key West Winery Orange Wine
Key West Wine drink me

Imagine a fresh glass of orange juice, glistening in the summer sun. Now the rich aroma and taste of a dark cup of coffee. Finally, the two of them together as a wine. That was the idea at the Key West winery where their famous orange wine was aged with coffee. Certainly one of the most unusual things I’ve ever seen turned into a drink.

Cost: 23.99

Potato – Chopin Vodka
Chopin Vodka drink me

Many of us have enjoyed the smooth, clean taste of a good vodka, but few of us realize that at places like Chopin vodka they use one of the lesser known, though still common ingredients, potato. The old spud, while containing no sugar at first, is chock full of starches that become just that during the process.

Cost: Can be found for $38.99

Spruce – Southwold Spruce IPA
Spruce IPA drink me

The wonderful smell of pine in the winter, clear yet earthy. Spruce trees bring much to us in the cold months, and our friends at Adnams Brewery remind us that it doesn’t stop with the holidays. Their spruce IPA, brewed specially for Marks and Spencer was a limited run that we hope to see again soon.

Cost: Unavailable

Maple Sap – Autumn Maple Ale
Bruery Autumn Maple strange ingredients alcohol dirnk me

We all know that the sap of the maple tree can create the best syrupy condiment for breakfast, and a wonderful addition to some drinks, but most of us do not realize it also creates a fantastic brew all its own. The fellows at The Bruery have crafted a welcome beer perfect for a cool fall evening with a turkey dinner.

Cost: $12.99
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