Have you ever been strolling along on a lovely evening walk and wished you had a glass of wine? Or perhaps you have wanted to take wine to a picnic but didn’t want to show up carrying a brown paper bag? Well finally there is a fashionable way to bring your fine French wine with you for any occasion, safely packed in a beautiful designer style handbag. Made from sturdy, high-gloss cardboard and featuring a quick pour tap, these purses are filled with your choice of 1.5L of Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay Viognier, or Syrah Rose. This affordable accessory courtesy of Vernissage brings you amazing wine sourced from the very best French wineries in a complete, ready to serve package with a high-end look.

But it isn’t just one look. In fact, each variety of wine gets its own distinctive color palate. The Syrah Cabernet Sauvignon offers a dark red wine with notes of ripe berries, black currant and chocolate in a beautiful bag with a checkered black and charcoal design with gold highlights. The Chardonnay has an aromatic bouquet with hints of apple and citrus and is dry with very fruit notes. It comes in two different designs: a minimalist white and light pink checkered purse with black accents and a bold leopard print with tan leather-color accents. Last but certainly not least, the sparkling Syrah Rose has a very fruity aroma with notes of wild red berries and comes in an equally vibrant pink and pastel pink handbag with tasteful gold highlights. All handbags feature a black rope handle to make carrying your fashionably bagged wine to any occasion a breeze.