If there’s one thing you can say about innovative British designer Jo Sampson, it’s that her taste is absolutely impeccable. Coming from your writer who is lucky if she can match her socks or not end up with a ragtag collection of uncoordinated wine glasses due to breakage—let’s just say the same praise will never be esteemed in my direction.

Sampson truly has an eye for what’s beautiful, and her career has had her designing bespoke couture vases for Waterford as well as creating spectacular interiors for luxury brands from the Four Seasons to Hermès. Sampson takes this highly evolved design esthetic to her opulent Elysian Vodka Chiller designed for Waterford.

A visually stunning centerpiece, the chiller consists of eight curved, eggshell-shaped glasses that contrast from their vibrant amethyst tops to the mesmerizing sparkle of their clear cut crystal bases. The glasses are fanned like flower petals around a gleaming crystal ice bucket with delicate details in amethyst and gold, all set into the glowing curve of a gold-plated circular base. The colors and design are so breathtaking it’s fortunate the glasses are designed to hold a crystal clear fluid that allows the amethyst crystal to shine on. Vodka: meet elegance.

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