Fred and Mary Duerr began making and selling preserves in 1881, and the business has stayed in their family to this day! It is currently being run by their great-great-great-grandsons Richard and Mark, and their website includes an extensive family tree. Throughout the years the company has come out with many innovative products (in addition to their classic marmalades), including the first squeezable-jelly in the United Kingdom. Now they have paired up with Zymurgorium, Manchester’s only craft distillery, to bring us a high-caliber marmalade gin!

This 40 proof gin is a swirl of flavors. Crafted from Duerr’s own Manchester Marmalade, your palette will detect notes of vanilla, lemon, coriander, and burst of citrus. The best news is that 100% of the profits are donated to victims of the Manchester bombing, this this is a gin that you can feel good about buying.

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