Twelve years ago, Charbay Double Aged Rum started out as Hawaiian and Jamaican sugar cane syrup. After spending its formative years in a copper pot still, then undergoing further transformation in French oak barrels, the rum was bottled at full 137-proof cask strength in a limited 120-case quantity—get it while you can! Notes of banana and plantain reinforce the island essence, but this particular batch was born and bred in Napa Valley at Charbay Distilleries. Specializing in both spirits and wine, Charbay is owned and closely operated by the Karakesevic family. Even as a Master Distiller, to earn his father Miles’ approval Marko Karakesevic had to source, distill, and market his own spirit: Blood isn’t thicker than booze for this California clan, but perfectionism is certainly an inherited trait.

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