With no two annual batches the same, Arkansas Black Straight Applejack is sure to be a treat no matter the bottle. This recipe pays a special tribute to former Dole Fruit Company manager Arthur “Skipper” Ford. Due to the bounty of fruit varieties available to Skippers, he crafted the original recipe for Arkansas Black Jack.

Now, the husband to Skipper’s great-granddaughter strove to recreate the legend of Skipper’s family favorite cider. Made from 100% (25 pounds per bottle!) crushed fermented apples, the flavor varies depending on the apples available at the harvest but always retains a certain level of crispness. After the distilling process that preserves the fresh apple flavors, the cider is rested at just over 100-proof in a blend of French Limousin and American Bourbon barrels. We think Skipper would be proud of his son-in-law for creating a unique blend of honey and vanilla to accompany the tart of the apple. Enjoy simply on the rocks or try it in a cocktail.


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