Taking risks is an important part of life. When you were five, fell off your bike, skinned your knee, and cried to your mom- at the end of the day, you got back on the bike and kept going. Then 10 years later, your first love broke your heart and you were back to the same mindset of pushing forward. The same rings true for a very persistent winemaker: Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, who pushed beyond the limits and created a remarkable wine, Dom Perignon Vintage 2009, despite the trials and tribulations that occurred both past and present.

Unfavorable conditions plagued the 2009 harvest, and lasted for a lengthy period of time. A cold, bitter winter was followed by a mild and drizzly spring, making the flowering process tremendously difficult. With the threat of mildew high, storms in July raised fears for the health of the grapes. But alas! Came August. August was perfect, which fed into an idyllic September and a flawless harvest, despite the challenging beginning stages.

Dom Perignon Vintage 2009 offers is a deliciously tasteful blend, all the while feeding our optimistic ideas that anything is possible. Geoffroy states, “It is one of the ͚seminal͛ Vintages that encourages winemakers to go beyond what they already know: to take risks and keep on growing.”

Notes of guava and spicy green grapefruit zest are present, complemented by woody vanilla. On the palate, ripe and fleshy fruit is rich and profound.