The cold winter months aren’t the most appealing for heading out to get your wine-on. But Traverse City in Michigan has decided to change that way of thinking. Located along the Michigan coast, the picturesque region has long been known as a hub for some of Michigan’s finest wine tasting spots, especially when it comes to ice wine.

Last year, several tasting rooms had an idea; why not create a ski-trail so partakers can stop by each of the tasting roms and warm up with a little tipple before making their way on to the next? The idea became a great success and so a yearly tradition has been born.

Whether you’re a skier or just want to explore with your snowshoes, two wineries and a delicious cider house await you on this delightful 7.5 mile trek between Leelanau and Old Mission.

So what’s on the tasting itinerary? The trail itself will take you between Blustone Vineyards, Fort-Five North Vineyard & Winery before stopping off at Tandem Ciders before calling it a day.

Blustone Vineyards is a hidden gem, tucked away near the shores of Leelanau. Their new and distinguishingly modern tasting room boasts scenic panoramic views alongside some incredibly delicious wine tasting options.

Forty-Five North has a tasting room situated in a warm and cozy reclaimed barn. Take a seat or stand at the tasting bar and sip on some delightful wine as you warm up from the winter frost outside.

At the end of the trail you find yourself at the bespoke Tandem Ciders. The name originating from that delightfully quirky bicycle we all remember only too well from old photographs, while the cider is something else altogether. A small white barn greets you upon arrival, where upon entering you are welcomed to a warm and toasty surrounding. Get comfortable and sip on a selection 7 ciders and 2 home-made flavored sodas before making your way back home.


Blustone Vineyards:
Address: 780 N. Sylt Road, Lake Leelanau
Phone: (231) 256-0146

Forty-Five North Vineyard and Winery:
Address: 8580 E. Horn Road, Lake Leelanau
Phone: (231) 271-1188

Tandem Ciders:
Address: 2055 N. Setterbo Road, Suttons Bay
Phone: (231) 271-0050