Photo Credit: Kali Kirschman

Compline is a new and ambitious concept coming to the Napa Valley and it’s taking the “one stop shop” approach to new heights. Latin for “completion of the working day” at Compline you can sample an amazing selection of award winning wines, enjoy a delicious meal, and then actually purchase bottles of all your new favorites to take home. After starting as a tiny seed in the brains of Ryan Stetins and Matt Stamp over three years ago Compline has grown and evolved in to what it is today.

This venture is meant to be a celebration of everything the Nappa Valley district has to offer. It intends to bring together locals, tourists, and wine professionals all under the same roof. The masterminds behind this revolutionary 3 in 1 experience wanted to create a place that as co-owner Ryan Stetins put it best, “was a laid-back place to drink cool wine,” and that’s exactly what they made.

The wine selection available at Compline is both an homage to the amazing and widely celebrated local wines of the Napa Valley region as well as a generous collection of other domestic and international options. These guys really love wine (I mean who doesn’t?), and they wanted to create a space and a platform to share their love and knowledge with others. The wine available in the store reflects this selection and bottles can even be purchased and then enjoyed in the restaurant, most at a price range of between 15-30 dollars.

But what about the food you ask? Chef Yancy Windsperger has crafted a menu that is intended to pair excellently with any of the available vino as well as highlight what Napa food is really about. Shareable delicious, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant seats 90 people and is open for lunch and dinner!

Not forgetting the educational portion of this triple play, Compline will also be offering daily wine classes for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran sommelier. There is something for everyone at Compline, it’s just waiting for you to find it.

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