A spirit native to Brazil, cachaça was first developed after Portuguese colonizers introduced sugarcane to the area. Still produced mainly in Brazil, cachaça is the nation’s stable spirit, where 1.5 million liters of it is consumed annually. Like rum, cachaça comes in two varieties, white and gold. Gold cachaça is aged in wood barrels for periods up to 15 years.

It is known for its stringent and permeating aroma and sharp citrus bit. A main ingredient from signature regional drinks like the national cocktail of Brazil, the Caipirinha, to more unassuming and social Caju Amigo (literally, Friendly Cashew) cachaça is an approachable spirit that embodies fun, community, and shared experience.

Soul Premium Cachaça
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Soul Premium Cachaça is one of the standards by which others are measured, having won praise and awards from several liquor organizations. Soul’s methods are meticulous, driven, and exacting. Their prime focus on making the best cachaça possible is evident. With the faintest hint of pistachio and agave nectar in the aroma, Soul has a warming front with a contented sigh of a finish; sweet, earthy, and tropical.

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Maison Leblon Reserva Especial
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Combining the assertiveness of traditional cachaças and the depths of flavor one can only hope to achieve with French sensibilities and patience, Leblon’s first foray into the realm of gold cachacas, With notes of grass, wood, and vanilla, Leblon has created a cachaça aged in French oak barrels for a warm and inviting cachaça reminiscent of good friends gathered around a bonfire at dusk.

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Novo Fogo Silver Cachaça
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Unlike traditional silver cachaças, Novo Fogo Silver rests for one year in containers made of stainless steel instead of being bottled directly after distillation. Novo Fogo uses organic ingredients in small batches to produce a remarkably hearty cachaça. A strong burst of pineapple with the faintest suggestion of lemon make this cachaça ideal for cocktails. Brimming with energy and confidence, Novo Fogo Silves encapsulates the respect the distillers have for the quintessential Brazilian spirit.

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Avua Cachaça Jequitibá Rosa
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Jequitibá-rosa trees grow in the southernmost regions of Brazil. Growing taller than most trees in the Atlantic forest, they are often sought after for furniture making, or in the case of Avua, as an aging material for premium cachaça. Aged for up to two years, Avua’s Jequeitibá Rosa Cachaca is one of the mildest, with an aroma of citrus and spiced apples followed by a confident and mild sweetness and a finish akin to fresh plantains.

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