For generations Código 1530 Tequila has remained a closely guarded secret, passed down as legend and only enjoyed by a select few and those in the know. It was once known as El Tequila Privado, “the private tequila” but now this specialty label has been introduced to the world and is offering up a unique selection of flavors and colors including Blanco, Origen, and now, Rosa. All of Código’s 1530 expressions are made from 100% Blue Weber agave and are matured for seven to ten years before being harvested and cooked in stainless steel ovens and fermented with organic yeast.

Rosa tequila begins its life as Blanco, of which production takes around 17 days Then it is then rested for one month in uncharred Nappa Cabernet French White Oak barrels and takes on its signature natural rose color. This special casking not only adds a unique light pink color, but also enriches the natural agave juice and imparts the spirit with a subtle floral flavor. Think rosé meets tequila, tell me that doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven?

This rose-tinted beauty has a truly unique flavor and makes for a great looking cocktail or adds that extra kick to Rosé Sangria.

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