Emmy Season is upcoming (September 22nd), and although we all know Game of Thrones, which has been nominated for a record 32 awards, will sweep the show, there are still some other nominees not so certain. The point is we don’t want our Drink Me readers missing out on the fun because they’re busy being the perfect host. 

As the Official Spirits Partner of the 2019 Emmy Awards Season, Ketel One Family Made Vodka has teamed up with lauded mixologist Charles Joly to create a marvelous collection of signature serves, comprising globally-inspired ingredients. 

In addition to divulging the full recipes for this dazzling cast of cocktails, Charles has shared some of his best tips for upping your bartender game and impressing your guests for your at-home Emmys entertaining.

Batching Tips

  1. Save yourself some time by batching cocktails so you can spend time with your guests. You can multiply the batch times the number of cocktails you want and keep them refrigerated. Just shake them up and serve to order!
  2. Turn your single cocktail into a punch! Combine all of the ingredients and if a cocktail recipe calls for shaking, add about 20% dilution with water and then simply pour over ice and garnish to serve.
  3. Create a garnish station for your guests to get involved. Prepare the drinks ahead of time and allow them to customize with a variety of herbs and fruits in season. 

Marvelous Modifiers

  1. For some fun custom additions to your cocktail party, try some simple steps. Create flavored ice ahead of time by freezing juices, fruit purees, coffee etc. You can adjust the balance with simple syrup, citrus, or just by adding water to taste and freeze in ice molds you have on hand.
  2. Play with flavored simple syrups. It’s as easy as making a cup of tea. Simply make a standard 1:1 simple syrup by dissolving equal parts sugar and water in pot over low heat.
  3. You can steep whatever spices, fruits, teas etc. for about 15 minutes on low heat, strain them off and refrigerate for later use. Perfect for making elevated non-alcoholic drinks too! 

Bartender Basics

  1. Have the basics on hand. A good quality set of bar tools is a great place to start. A Boston shaker, strainer, muddler, mixing glass, spoon and jigger are a must. Have a variety of quality glassware, as it can really complete the experience with a refined look and feel. 
  2. Don’t forget the garnish! A carefully prepared garnish not only looks great, but it can also add aroma and flavor to your cocktails.