Monte Viso, the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps, is so monumental and divine, it can be seen from the windows of the Milan Cathedral- some 145 miles away. Up close, you would see striking juniper, and freshly crisp spring water filtering through icy rocks from the snow-coated peak. That’s what Vergnano and Ronco were enchanted by when they trekked MonViso mountain, inspiring them to create the newest addition to their gin family: Malfy Gin Originale.

With quality ingredients, this crisp, juniper gin is the exciting new addition to the largest premium gin distillery in Italy. Malfy Gin’s birthplace of Italy isn’t the only blessed place to enjoy this delicious gin, for Malfy Gin is one of the fastest growing gin brands in the world, gaining happy consumers in over 50 countries – and it’s no surprise why. This newest addition to the Malfy Gin family includes five fresh botanicals, infused with Italian juniper and famous Italian Sfusato Lemons from the Amalfi Coast. These quality ingredients give a uniquely fresh and zesty aroma, distinguishing it from other juniper-forward gins.

Delicious liquid, luxurious packaging, and an inspiring backstory –  we can see why Malfy Gin was the first Italian gin to be imported into the United States, and remains one of the best-selling in the world.

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