The world’s first champagne designed to enhance your aroma experience. Lanson White Label blends the finesse of Chardonnay with the power of Pinot Noir for an undeniably entrancing champagne. Undergoing no malotactic fermentation, Lanson White Label is able to preserve all the original fruit aromas and has a higher liqueur content to encourage those aromas to circulate. Served this champagne chilled at 7oC in large wine glasses specially suited for this type of drink. Now, you have the ability to alter and narrow your experience with the addition of natural ingredients (such as mint leaves, orange peel, or raspberry) guided by your preferences, tastes, desire, and mood. After adding, agitate the glass in a circular motion to encourage the natural ingredients to divulge their aromas. Each glass has the ability to be a completely different drink just by changing your natural additive of choice—quite brilliant if you ask me. Versatility is Lanson White Label’s strength alongside Jean-Paul Gandon’s 25 years of experience with Lanson. The resulting product is delicate and subtle that can be morphed to a specific taste and aroma.

In fact, here’s a selection of cocktails using Chambord, the perfect ingredient for Mother’s Day concoctions!

Lanson Chambord Royale

7.5ml Chambord
125ml Champagne Lanson White Label

Add to chilled flute. Lemon twist spritz over top. Garnish with a single blackberry.

Lanson Southside Fizz

10ml Gin
10ml Chambord
5ml fresh lemon juice
2/3 mint leaves

Shake first four ingredients. Double strain into chilled flute. Top with Champagne Lanson White Label Sec. Garnish with mint sprig.

Lanson Classic Black Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

10ml Cognac
10ml Chambord
1 dash of angostura bitters

Add ingredients to Champagne Coup. Top with Champagne Lanson White Label Sec. Lemon twist spritz into glass and discard