In New Zealand, Mr. Reid and Mr. Reid founded their own craft gin distillery. They combine the beautiful greenery and nature of New Zealand into their products to give classic gin a boost. Thus, creating New Zealand’s very own Native Gin.

In the rural area of Wairarapa, New Zealand, there is a luscious vineyard area that creates native bush and pinot noir. Reid + Reid Barrel Aged Gin combines these two greatest products from Wairarapara and uses it to enhance their Native Gin. The three New Zealand native botanicals, kawakawa, manuka, and horopito, really stands out in their Native Gin and even better complimented when the flavors and taste notes from the pinot noir French oak barrels are incorporated in the gin. This gin is earthy with oak, touched with spice, perfumed with floral scents, and sweet with a hint of fruitiness.