Surrounded by woodlands and situated in a corner of rural and historical England, Sussex hamlet of Chilgrove gives birth to Chilgrove Dry Gin. Gaining the reputation of the gin for all seasons and people, Chilgrove Dry Gin is handcrafted using traditional methods with a slight twist of being distilled with natural mineral water that is filtered through the chalk downs surrounding Chilgrove giving Chilgrove Dry Gin its sophisticated and unique character. The master distillers carefully balance a specific selection of elect flavors to allow this gin to be a universal gin distilled from grapes. Incorporated in the mix are a team of eleven botanicals who win over consumers every time. While disclosing all eleven members would give away the secret, the recipe embraces the hidden virtues of wild water mint, grains of paradise, citrus peel, and of course the traditional juniper berry and coriander seed. Chilgrove Dry Gin aims to keep things simple and classic yet intricate and modern. Enjoy in a timeless Gin & Tonic or in a seasonal cocktail.

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