Chase Vodka, known for it’s single estate potato vodka made in the UK has taken their vodka and added a twist to it. Originally, a limited edition release, which sold out quite fast, this superb vodka is now on sale at all times. The brilliant distillery took their smooth and creamy spirit and marinated it with marmalade and ribbons of peel from Seville oranges and then distilled again with orange peel from Valencia. Distilled 4 times, Chase Marmalade Vodka is a blend with rough-cut marmalade and a wonderful, bittersweet finish that is produced by a final delicate filter, leaving this spirit with a 40% ABV.

Clear, pale golden in appearance, this spirit has an aroma of citrus marmalade on rye toast: very pungent with clean orange zest tones and a delicious jammyness. The palate has subtle, fruity and tangy citrus notes that are well balanced through slight honeyed sweetness, orange zest and bitter marmalade with cracked black pepper notes. The taste then creates a naturally bittersweet, lingering finish through the orange zest and the black pepper with hints of sweetness that are amplified through the orange flavor. This blend is perfect in mixed drinks, whether it’s with champagne and yellow chartreuse or grapefruit juice and grenadine, you are bound to have a classy and citrusy night.

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