Boston is a city with an incredibly rich and colorful history, so it’s unsurprising that Boston-based craft spirits distillery Bully Boy has an origin inspired by the past. The childhood home and fourth generation working family farm of Bully Boy founders Will and Dave Willis in Sherborn, Massachusetts once housed illegal artisan-produced liquor during the Prohibition years with names like “Cow Whiskey” and “Medford Rum”.

When the Willises discovered the vault of illicit hooch close to 70 years after Prohibition’s end in their property’s basement they were inspired to continue the tradition of small-batch, artisanal distilling utilizing local ingredients, though this time the law was on their side and quality was at the forefront.
As a supplement to Bully Boy’s well-regarded collection of small-batch craft spirits including vodka, whiskey, and rum, the distillery has recently added Bully Boy Estate Gin, with every spirit distilled using traditional copper pot stills. The gin has strong ties to the local terroir, distilled from a neutral apple and grain base from local Massachusetts hard cider Stormalong before the addition of Macintosh apples and wild juniper from the Willis family farm.

Bright, balanced, and citrus-forward, Bully Boy Estate Gin presents expertly layered notes of lemon peel, juniper, pink peppercorn, coriander, and lavender. Perfect in the obvious summer choice of a gin and tonic, Bully Boy is complex and smooth enough to deliver in a martini as well.

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