It’s everything you’ve always desired, but the very thing you tell yourself you don’t want. Straight out of Scotland, aged in fine American oak casks; the rich caramel scent intertwines with a taste of toffee and vanilla dancing the tongue, while sweet cream and coconut tantalize the taste buds, before bursting with flavor – your senses begin a stimulating journey through pleasure, enjoyment, and celebration. There’s a reason it’s among the most delicious whiskies in the world, yet is also among the most rare. Pure, but seductive, it’ll take you for a ride – Hedonism.

This particular Scotch whisky is only produced once per year. Matured casks of Scotch grain whisky are hunted down, as they alone provide the necessary flavor profile required for the production of Compass Box Hedonism Scotch Whisky. The exclusivity of these casks hinder the ability to source worthy suitors essential to Hedonism creation. With the inability to find a mate, production is severely limited, and consumers become thirsty.

Hedonism is one of five Scotch whiskies in the “Signature Range” from Compass Box. Each Scotch whisky in the collection can be placed on the spectrum of Scotch whisky styles: with all five co….. The whiskies are joined according to their recipes, then returned to casks for a two-year maximum marrying period in which the whisky complexities are enhanced, and the comingling of flavor arrives at peak potential.

Hedonism retains its natural color once leaving the cask, reaching 43% ABV. It is recommended to drink before a meal, and served with a small amount of chilled water. If you’d rather wait to have a drink, make it late in the evening, and serve neat. Hedonism may be used in cocktails, specifically a whisky sour. Now, I’ll drink to that.

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