There are three things that Buffalo Trace is synonymous with; whiskey, quality, and experimentation. The distillery’s Experimental Collection is proof of all three. Buffalo Trace has a stock of more than 14,000 experimental barrels and a new warehouse (dubbed Warehouse X) specifically built for this program. The newest release in their Experimental Collection is the Organic Six Grain Whiskey.

The Whiskey is made from a mash of corn, buckwheat, brown rice, sorghum, wheat, and rice. Though this seven-year and one-month old spirit meets all requirements to be called bourbon, Buffalo Trace made the decision to call it whiskey due to its unique flavor profile. Said flavors include herbs, earth tones, light butterscotch, pine, stone fruit, strong oak, and a spicy finish. Calling this whiskey “unique” doesn’t do it service. “Wild” may be a better descriptor. When you’re ready for something different, make sure to pick up a bottle of this whiskey from one of America’s most-acclaimed distilleries.


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