There are plenty of great cold, hot, or hot/cold beverage containers out there, but how about one that not only acts as a bottle but also as a cup? The Pint is brought to us by Stable Good Company. With all beverages and the outdoorsy life in mind, The Pint is both functional and versatile cutting out the need to pack a coffee mug and water bottle. Seemly just a 16oz canteen type bottle with two attractive color options: granite and carbon, you’ll be surprised to learn the secret morphing ability of this drinking vessel. Unscrew the base of the unit and clip it onto the cap to create your very own chalice. The Pint has double walled stainless steel instillation keeping your coffee hot and your beer cold. The removable base allows for easy cleaning so you’ll never get the aftertaste of whichever beverage was previously nestled in The Pint. Make your life a little easier; invest in The Pint—it has the capability to keep you hydrated, caffeinated, and drunk.