Coffee lovers obsessed with drinking fresh coffee get ready.

Berlin-based Bonaverde has streamlined the farm-to-cup process by creating an innovative coffee machine and a unique service for ordering fresh beans.

The Bonaverde machine, set to ship in summer 2016, will employ IoT technology and be capable of roasting and grinding beans, and then brewing coffee.

Once the machines are shipped, owners will be able to order RFID-tagged pouches of fresh, green coffee beans from producers around the globe using Bonaverde’s app. These RFID tags, when swiped over the Bonaverde machine, will transfer data that translates into the perfect roast for the corresponding beans. The owners will then be able to grind their roasted beans to their preferred size thanks to Bonaverde’s industry-grade grinder.

For brewing the coffee, the machine will use what the company calls an innovative “rain shower” method, which evenly wets the grounds for ideal extraction of all the unique flavors of the coffee.

Assuming the machine and bean-ordering service both run smoothly, the Bonaverde will be much appreciated by those who deeply appreciate their coffee.