One of South America’s finest wine producing regions has created a Petite Syrah hybrid appropriately titled Techtonia which reflects the ever-adjusting landscape. A vineyard whose name comes from the active volcanos from one of the largest mountain ranges in the world, Bodega Volcanes in Chile uses the highly enriched soil from these ash-filled valleys to produce a line of uniquely regional wines. The plots where this specific Petite Syrah is grown are high in clay sediment and lie in a cool temperature zone; this gives the Techtonia intense aromatic qualities of floral and ripened fruit.

The wine’s personality is deep and complex, smoky yet velvety and rich; the Petite Syrah can be enjoyed alone or paired well with risotto or roasted pork. Available for purchase on specialty online retailers, this exceptionally focus-grown Techtonia is sure to be a key member of the Bodega Volcanes de Chile family.