A visit to any city should begin at the local market. There, you will gain insight into the people, the culture, and the food. Not convinced? What about taking the word of renowned chef Jean-Pierre Xiradakis of the famed Bordeaux restaurant La Tupina? Xiradakis strongly believes markets are the place to connect with locals and visitors alike while experiencing and celebrating a bounty of fresh produce and products of the region. That such market in Bordeaux is Marché des Capucins also referred to as the stomach of Bordeaux.

Xiradakis has been coming to Marché des Capucins for years. He’s built strong working relationships with butchers, cheese makers, and sommeliers alike to gain inspiration and purchase fresh ingredients for his dishes. Vendors want you to feel, smell, and, yes, even taste their products. You’ll immediately notice the difference of market obtained products compared to your local grocery store. Seriously, take a gander: