Wine and duck is the perfect combination in France. But Bordeaux wine and New York’s Peking Duck House restaurant is a match made in heaven. Sipping on Kermit Lynch’s Château Ducasse, our ladies enjoy cuts of duck carved right at the table. The inexpensive sémillon based white Bordeaux originated from the Graves area of France, and goes down easy with the help of some succulent servings.

Victoria James, sommelier at Michelin starred restaurant Piora, claims that Peking Duck House is a favorite spot among sommelier’s and it’s easy to see why. The BYOB restaurant encourages patrons to mix and match with different entrees and there’s no limit on how many bottles you can bring. Whether you are pairing the seafood house special with white Bordeaux or the aforementioned duck with the red, you simply can’t go wrong. The combination of the red Bordeaux and the Peking duck is described as “a warm duck-Bordeaux hug,” by host Leiti Hsu.  After all, who doesn’t need some duck fat in their life? Check out the episode here: