Environmentally friendly and organically raised products without the use of chemicals is the new fad that has rightfully taken the world by storm. Raising awareness of the benefits has only increased over the years. Understandably so, properties and companies spanning a large area might find it difficult to fully uphold to these practices based on the idea of meeting demand and efficiency. But, one winery in Pessac-Leognan has jumped in headfirst and saw noticeably positive results in just the first year.

By implementing non-chemical and biodynamic practices, wine maker of this vineyard Jean-Christophe Barron only has found affirmative effects that these practices should be used more. For example, having gravel on the vineyard and surrounding the vines assists in water drainage and helps trap heat during the summer to keep the vines warm during the cool evenings. The proof is in the taste. Barron says that the wine has become richer and fresher just by altering the care of the vines: