When in Bordeaux, you must completely embrace the wine culture. It’s not often you’ll find yourself in the midst of a location known specifically for wine for centuries; they’ve built a region based on tradition. Newbies and aficionados alike can gain a wealth of knowledge from the Bordeaux Wine School. You’ll be introduced to the history, the methods, the craft, and, finally, the wine.

To truly understand the wine you’re drinking, Elsa, a well educated instructor at the school, believes you must fully become aware of all aspects of that specific wine. Her first suggestion, know your vintages! Vintages are important in Bordeaux and will help individuals pick out certain characteristics they favor that’ll influence future choices. Characteristics can range from year to the type of fruit to the location the fruit was grown.

Her take away point: Bordeaux is diverse. Don’t be fooled, with such history, it’s easy to misconstrue Bordeaux as a region that produces only those higher end, pricey wines. When, in fact, only about 10-15% of the wine production falls in that category. Find your wine: