Heavy snow falling outside, bone-chilling wind, freezing temperatures and it’s dark and miserable… sounds like a typical winter night, but thankfully, you’re inside! You might have your thickest wooly socks on, thermal leggings, plus a hoodie, beanie, and scarf to stave off the cold, but you’ll still need that one missing element to turn a frosty evening into something more bearable: a nice, warm drink.

Thankfully, we’ve prepared a great list (not the drinks themselves, unfortunately) for you to check out when you need a warming boost. So, put another log on the fire, find something great on Netflix, and prepare one of the following drinks for a cozy night in.

Irish coffee

This is a classic option for good reason, Irish coffee is perhaps everyone’s favorite winter drink: The combination of Irish whiskey, sugar, cream, and strong, rich coffee is nearly impossible to beat! Use this Jameson whiskey Irish coffee recipe to ensure your taste buds are not left wanting.

Mulled wine

A glass of mulled wine on a background of Golden bokeh

Nothing says, “Christmas is coming” better than mulled wine. It’s a bit deceptive because it tastes quite sweet and seemingly not very strong, but the minute you stand up is when it hits you! Full of flavor and character, mulled wine is actually pretty simple to make. Grab a saucepan and place over a medium heat, and then pour in a bottle of red wine, some orange slices, a few cloves and cinnamon sticks, as well as half a cup of brandy for good measure. Bring it to a simmer and leave it on a low heat for about 10 minutes.

Of course, even the best of us aren’t immune to sloshing a bit of mulled wine on our clothing by mistake, but if you’ve got a liquid detergent that’s effective against red wine, then you’ll be okay. Pouring white wine over the stain or using a dedicated stain remover before washing can also help out a lot.

Hot Toddy

There are a few varieties of Hot Toddy, but the one we like the most is with ginger and maple syrup. First, boil some water and once done, pour it over two bags of ginger tea in a mug. Leave for about five minutes and then pour in a shot and a half of bourbon, as well as a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of maple syrup. Very warming and tasty stuff.

Rusty Nail

You might think that a drink involving ice cubes is not exactly what you’re feeling on a cold winter’s night, but one sip of a Rusty Nail (the name could use some work!) and you’ll see why. Grab two ice cubes and place into a large glass, then add two fluid ounces of Scotch whiskey, a shot of Drambuie liqueur, and you’re good to go! A bit of crushed ice wouldn’t go amiss but isn’t essential.

Snowball Shooter

Wintery name aside, the Snowball Shooter is one of the quickest and tastiest shooters to mix. All you’ll need is ¾ ounce brandy, ¾ ounce peppermint schnapps, and ¾ ounce crème de cacao. Pour everything into a cocktail shaker, throw in some crushed ice, and shake! Strain into a shot glass and enjoy the minty goodness.

Jägermeister shot

The last one doesn’t need to be overly complex; a simple shot of Jägermeister is more than enough to warm every muscle and bone in your body. Created in Germany, there are many interesting facts about Jägermeister, but all you’ll probably care about is the strong, sweet herbal taste on a cold night.