Passionate Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps of Maisson Perrier-Jouët brings an artistry to blending delicately nuanced, harmoniously balanced Champagne you can taste in every sip of Belle Epoque 2007. Fortune as well as skill came into play in the success of this beautiful cuvée–an unseasonably warm April back in that fruitful growing season caused vines to flower early, while a rainy, cool early summer followed by a sunny August primed conditions for an early harvest of an exceptional vintage.

With the palest straw color and a finely effervescent texture, Belle Epoque almost appears to glow in the champagne flute—flavors glow as well, with a fruity profile rich in poached pear and apricot and a crisp minerality. Deschamps blended 50% Chardonnay grapes, 45% Pinots Noirs, and 5% Pinots Meuniers in this symphonic cuvée that complements seafood particularly well.

Deschamps himself eloquently describes this cuvée as “a crystalline vintage whose subtlety and generosity highlight the precision of the Perrier-Jouët style. It is an epicurean wine.” Well put, Hervé; a glass paired with a half dozen fresh, briny oysters is truly a feast for the senses. Edible artistry.

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