Stocking up your doomsday bunker is a meticulous task, you need to double and triple check that you have all the essentials for survival: food, movies, and of course, beer. But Wild Heaven Beer just saved you some decision making with their Emergency Drinking Beer. This pils-style session ale is the perfect selection to stock floor to ceiling against the southern wall of your underground hideaway, right next to the Twinkies.

Easy to drink (not to mention tasty), Emergency Drinking Beer can also be enjoyed outside of life and death situations. That’s right, you can savor this end of the world beverage even when the weather outside is sunny and bright. The complex notes of citrus zest, Portuguese sea salt, and lemongrass make this session delicious and memorable. The yellow can even looks like it was government issued, adding that extra special touch that’s sure to make your fellow underground survivors jealous in the days following the outbreak. Looming apocalypse or not, this beer is worth stocking up on.

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