Clear as the still water pacing in the pool above the rocks before gravity grabs hold to surge it into misty foam below. Fresh as the just bloomed flower emitting its enchanting aroma that floats gently with the breeze. Bright as the morning sun lifting its tired flames high in the sky to give light to the entire world. Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila entraps all that is pure and simple into a bottle of smooth transparent liquid.

This un-aged organic tequila is crafted with USDA-certified organic 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in the vast fields of the Jalisco lowlands, with piñas hand harvested and then roasted in traditional clay hornos for up to 36 hours. Through its growing and distillation processes, Blanco picks up lemon and floral notes, with a pinch of pepper. The resulting distillate is bottled and now waits for your hands to set its charming aroma free. On the palate, the agave and lemon tantalize taste buds until light pepper and citrus give a strong finish. Azuñia Blanco is perfect for mixing in a variety of classic and innovative cocktails. Now, close your eyes, put that glass to your lips, and prepare to be transported into ultimate bliss.

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