Tara Newton-Wordsworth

About the Author Tara Newton-Wordsworth

Tara hails from an farm in outback Western Australia, so if you need a midwife for your cow, she’s your girl. She trained as an actor/director at Lee Strasberg in New York, while also performing stand up comedy at Comic Strip Live, Broadway, Gotham and New York Comedy clubs. After moving to London in 2013, Tara auditioned for the world’s longest running live comedy sketch show ‘NewsRevue’ and became the first Australian to perform in the show. She then directed The Seven Ages of Man at Chelsea Theatre and in 2014 directed NewsRevue for the first time. Tara hosts ‘The Review’ on youtube and also directs and performs in London based sketch group ‘The Laughing Beaver’. She is currently directing the Edinburgh run or NewsRevue as well as singing at The Park Tower two nights a week.