Maggie Campbell

About the Author Maggie Campbell

Maggie was enchanted by the alchemy of spirits at a ripe young age with her first dram in the Oban distillery in Scotland. Immersing herself in the world of wine, spirits and brewing she started as a bar-back before she could legally drink and dove into sommelier school as soon as she completed her degree in Philosophy at the University of Colorado. She went on to work in the boutique wine, craft brew and spirits world while founding the Denver Brewer’s League, developing a home still and winning the Denver Brewster’s Woman Brewing Competition. She attended the Sieble Institute in Chicago for their first ever course on Craft Distillation and Technologies and became Assistant Distiller at Germain-Robin in California. She is currently in the Level 4 Diploma program for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust out of London and working towards her MW. She holds the position of Head Distiller at Privateer Rum.