The beauty of Session beers is that you cannot hide shoddy brewing in them; their low level of alcohol makes for delicate and nuiancedsipping. Like a flower.  These session beers highlight and celebrate a brewers skill while allowing you to enjoy the flavor en mass, perfect for a long night with friends in front of the fire.

Notch, černé Pivo
Notch Cerne Pivo Drink Me Mag

This black lager is made by Chris Lohring, who has been crafting session beers since long before they were cool.
Price: $10/ 22oz

Founder’s All Day IPA
All Day IPA Drink Me Mag

Bright citrus hops make this quaffable beer all too easy to drink.
Price: $10/six pack


Notch, Left of the Dial
Notch Left Dial IPA Drink Me

The session beer I reach for most often.  Balanced, refreshing, lovely.
Price: $13/12 pack of cans

Stone Brewing, Go To IPA
Stone Go To IPA Drink Me

Any lover of Stone Brewing also loves hops, so steel yourself for an unprecedented blast of IBUs  in this sessionable ale.
Price: $12/six pack

Full Sail, Session
Session Lager Drink Me

It’s your first session beer, it’s your last session beer.  A classic.
Price: $9/six pack